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First appearance in 'Traitors': 'Even another traitor is starting to pressure me'

First appearance in ‘Traitors’: ‘Even another traitor is starting to pressure me’

It happened anyway: the first traitor had to leave the case. Walter Damen (50) was voted on at the round table. But in the meantime, they also had to say goodbye to allies. Nora Dari, 20, was “killed” by traitors.

And then there were two of them. After five weeks in safety, the Allies finally revealed a traitor. Nils Albert, Maureen Van Herbergen, and Kim Van Onsen, among others, saw the light and fixed their sights on Walter. His defense failed this time. “I am a traitor,” Walter admitted immediately after his denial. “And I’m really glad it’s over. I thought my max had gone up, and I was starting to get tired. I always knew that if a traitor dies, I’ll be the first and I never thought it would take that long.”


Fellow traitor Jimmy Lee Six already left that she’d rather see Damen leave, while she was still under the radar with Loïc Van Impe. “If Jimmy Lee had just kept following, there would have been a certainty of victory,” Damen says. Not only did she vote against me, but she also started to lobby against me. If they don’t win now, that’s something I’m going to fight with Jimmy Lee. We had all the trump cards in hand.” Her “betrayal” also caused tensions between her and Loïc.

Among the allies, actress Nora Dare had to leave. Her suspicions of Walter were fatal to her. Luke was also thinking about it.