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CSA launches Matter 1.2 with support for home devices – Image and Audio – News

The Communications Standards Alliance has released version 1.2 of Matter. The smart home standard will therefore support new types of smart devices, including robot vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and dishwashers.

CSA reports Matter 1.2 is available immediately to smart home device makers. Manufacturers can now integrate the standard into their products. Version 1.2 adds support for nine new device types, according to the CSA. This mainly applies to household appliances. The coalition specifically mentions refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, washing machines, robotic vacuum cleaners, smoke detectors, air quality sensors, air purifiers and fans.

Through support, users can control these devices via Matter. For example, users can use the benchmark to operate their robot vacuum cleaner and see how their washing program is progressing. Temperature control is also supported on devices such as air conditioners, while air quality sensors can measure different types of substances, including carbon dioxide.2Carbon, ozone and formaldehyde.

In addition to the new support, Matter 1.2 implements changes to the SDK, testing tools, and certification program. The new version also improves support for smart locks. Developers will also receive new options that will make it easier for devices and platforms to collaborate with other Matter devices.

The first version of Matter was released a year ago. The Communications Standards Alliance has already promised to release two updates to the standard every year. Earlier this year Version 1.1 has already appeared, although that was a relatively minor update without support for new types of devices. The CSA also expects to release two more updates in 2024. According to the alliance, this adds support for “more device types.”

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Matter is a global smart home standard set by several major tech companies, including Amazon, Apple, and Google. The standard should ensure that smart home products can work together more easily, regardless of manufacturer. Tweakers wrote a seminal article about the Matter standard earlier this year.