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Windows 11 update crashes games and affects Explorer performance – Computer – News

Disclaimer: Semi-rant, but proven :+ Nuance: slow is relative. Anything that stands out noticeably is too slow.

Since using WinUI3 and the updated interface, Explorer has been a drama in terms of performance – especially user experience. This has been said for months by experts, but, as always, has been dismissed by other users (here too) as “it’s a beta, this is going to get much better!!” Or “It doesn’t bother me!@1!”. But the problem is that WinUI (New User Interface Framework) is inherently slow, which is what you get with a lot of abstraction and “layer upon layer upon layer”.

Opening a Medium folder in itself hasn’t necessarily become much slower than it was before the update. Although this is still slower than in Win10. This certainly applies to the “new” home folder, which takes a relatively long time to load everything.

But in particular, the entire interface is very slow (relatively) when opening a window or tab. You see the entire interface being built, the files are not immediately visible and you can’t do anything right away. Although it may take 200 milliseconds, you have to wait before you can actually click on a folder in the sidebar, for example. If you, as a power user, want to quickly navigate in a new window/tab, this is a huge step backwards. Aside from that, it doesn’t look right, with all the flashing/displaying. It’s annoying that you can play the most demanding games at 140 FPS, but an app like Explorer clearly has a hard time displaying it :')

It’s funny that pseudo-experts often say “I don’t mind, because otherwise they would only have to show the screen after the (invisible) display and that would take longer.” But this is not a solution at all. The solution is to bring performance back to standard. Just as it was. This was not a problem in the past. This is also not an issue on macOS.

Additionally, a bug that causes Explorer to sometimes jump to the screen randomly has not been resolved. The right mouse button is still slow due to the new context menu, the address bar is very buggy (click it, then click a random file, then click New while holding the mouse down…), and the Share button is often… The new preview pane has unwanted focus. And so on and so on.

The weird thing is: if you press F11 and put Explorer in full screen mode, everything suddenly becomes faster. no; This has nothing to do with the less present animation. It’s just a great example of what Block Explorer has become.

Yes, I’m annoyed with Win11 and Explorer in particular. It’s sad that a billion-dollar company can’t even get the core part – the explorer – of its flagship product in order.

Maybe MS thinks people don’t care enough. Unfortunately, it seems that way. Because let’s be honest: almost all budget smartphone owners claim that they do not experience any lag/stutter in the interface. They really experience it that way; Since this is the largest group, they are already used to such performance and are not quick to complain.

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