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Culebra’s new round of capital is estimated at $5 billion

Culebra is about to raise $250 million. The Belgian data company is worth $5 billion (4.32 billion euros), and once again it has become the most valuable Belgian tech company.

The American capital round is led by Sequoia, Sofina’s ally for decades

, the Boyle family holding company. that went up a year ago Already aboard the Collibra and was going to put money on the table again.

De Tejd has learned that the last dots and commas have not yet been added, but the capital operation is nearing completion. Culebra will be valued at $5 billion (4.32 billion euros). This is more than double what it was in the previous big capital round In April 2020.

Thus, Collibra acquired the torch of the most valuable Belgian technology company from Odoo. This summer, it was estimated to be worth €2-2.5 billion ($2.4-$3 billion) in a capital operation.

Belgian unicorns — unlisted tech companies valued at at least $1 billion — are few and far between. Only Odoo, Collibra and the web hosting company (formerly Kombil) belong to this club. Software companies Deliverect and Showpad are on their way to achieving billion-dollar status fast.

Brussels, New York

Since its inception, including this round, Collibra has raised approximately $595.5 million to fund its growth. The money came from Capital G (the investment arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet) and the Silicon Valley Fund Ventures and Battery Ventures. Iconiq Capital, the investment boutique that is allowed to work with the assets of tech VIPs, such as Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), also joined. Dutch venture capital Newion has been in the capital since 2012. In exchange for an investment of 1 million euros, he received a 20% interest in Collibra. Thanks to this early entry and given the current valuation of Collibra, Newion is on a nugget of gold.