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Sofina is investing heavily in Collibra

The holding company Sofina Boël, along with its ally Sequoia, are responsible for a very large portion of Collibra’s capital round. This is what you have learned. The Belgian data company is valued at $5 billion (€4.3 billion) in the process.

Culebra on this point $250 million will be raised. The Belgian data company is worth around $5 billion (4.32 billion euros) and will once again become the most valuable Belgian technology company.

The final points and commas have not yet been worked out, but according to our information, the capital tour led by Belgium’s Sofina

and Sequoia American Capital, which together will provide about two-thirds of the new money. In other words, the two together – perhaps half of each – would put about $165 million (€142 million) on the table. The rest of the additional money will come primarily from existing shareholders.

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  • Brussels data company Culebra is about to raise $250 million (€216 million).
  • According to De Tijd, about two-thirds of that amount will come from two investors: Boël holding company Sofina and US venture capital Sequoia, Sofina’s ally for decades.
  • Collibra will be valued at $5 billion in the new capital round, more than double what it was in April 2020.

This isn’t the first time Sofina has pumped a lot of money into Collibra. When the holding company joined the board at the end of last year, it reportedly put tens of millions of euros on the table for 1.06 per cent of Collibra. She basically bought out the seniors’ shares in the company.


Sequoia and Sophina are not strangers to each other, on the contrary. The legendary American venture capital has been an ally of the Boyle family holding company for decades. Sofina has been investing in Sequoia funds for a long time and the two often invest together in startups, including in India. Together, they form part of Byju’s fast-growing start-up education capital.

Collibra’s new valuation is more than double that of the previous major capital round in April 2020.

Collibra’s new valuation is more than double what it was in the previous major capital round in April 2020. At the time, the Brussels startup was put in a valuation of $2.3 billion.

Thanks to the new deal, Collibra will have new resources to fuel its growth and will once again take over the torch of Odoo’s most valuable Belgian technology company. That company became the Walloon Software this summer In an internal stock sale estimated to be worth 2.5 billion euros ($3 billion).

google browser

Collibra has raised $595.5 million since its inception – including this round – to fund its growth. The money came from Capital G (the investment arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet) and the Silicon Valley Fund Ventures and Battery Ventures. Iconiq Capital, the investment boutique that is allowed to work with the assets of tech VIPs, such as Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), also joined.

Dutch venture capital Newion has been in the capital since 2012. In exchange for an investment of 1 million euros, he received a 20% interest in Collibra. Thanks to this early entry and given the current valuation of Collibra, Newion is on a nugget of gold.

Thanks to a round of capital, Collibra has once again become the most valuable Belgian technology company. This summer, Odoo usurped that title.

The company was founded in 2008 as a branch of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). It provides businesses with an online platform on which they can better map their data flows. Collibra started as a local startup in Brussels, but has grown into a data giant with hundreds of employees all over the world.


Odoo, Collibra, and web hosting company (formerly Compil) are the only three Belgians alone (unicorns) – Private technology companies valued at at least $1 billion. Software companies Deliverect and Showpad are on their way to achieving billion-dollar status fast.

Collibra CEO Felix van de Miele did not want to comment on the DC tour.

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