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Culture Club is looking for the original art of Front Gardens in Flanders

Culture Club is looking for the original art of Front Gardens in Flanders

Quirky garden art

The Flemish Front Gardens are an ideal place to contemplate garden art that is tasteful and which is not at all, and how we, as pedestrians, arm ourselves along those front gardens with judgments and prejudices. Anyone, as an owner, who places a work of art in their front garden, does so consciously. Partly artwork in Public space. The owner wants to communicate through this, in himself or at his home Identification.

Culture Club looks into why some garden dwarves are more interesting than challenging modern sculptures, and vice versa. Also Original facades Without front yard or Artificial gazebos To an interesting apartment building. In short, Radio 1 loves to discover all the artworks that their owners consciously share with public spaces.

How to participate?

Anyone can now send in inspiring front gardens as a suggestion. You can do this through From Bello through Radio 1 app. On Friday 4 June Hannes Coudenese and Steve Dees met one Shortlist With 10 original front gardens. On Friday, June 11 Follows the conclusion. On that day the Culture Club, along with all of Radio 1 listeners, chose Flanders’ most authentic front garden.

Earlier, the Culture Club went to search for the most beautiful street art in Flanders (winner: The Wall by David Walker in Rosillery) and gathered with the listeners the Canonical Culture Club of Visual Arts (winner: painting from the goddess Lamm in Ghent).