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Working From Home Requires Your Own Place In The Sun |  The Barneveldse Newspaper

Working From Home Requires Your Own Place In The Sun | The Barneveldse Newspaper

Barneveld Many Barnevelders have been operating from home for over a year. Bass Fairhawk from BASkapel noticed this, too. The attic is often used as a pantry, but more and more residents are seeing this space as a potential place for themselves. “People are a bit tired of working from home behind the kitchen table. We notice that they want to create their own space.”

Often the attic is the toddler in the house, while the attic is likely to save a lot of space. “The beautiful truth is that the average home has three floors: ground, first floor, and attic. That’s a third of the mortgage.” According to Verhoek, there are many square meters that remain unused, which residents can turn into a very beautiful space. Attic is often used only for storage, while it’s also perfect as a work space, bedroom, or hobby room. “Then the laptop can go upstairs instead of sitting at the kitchen table.”

Light Attic is usually about three to five meters wide and is usually very dark in this room due to little or no windows at all. As a solution, many people choose a skylight or dormer window for additional lighting. But when a porthole does not provide additional space and a dormer window usually requires a permit, BASkapel is a temporary solution. “Anything that does not protrude more than 60 cm measured at a right angle is perceived as a skylight or roof system. Everything above is cantilevered.” The BAS Chapel is still less than 60 cm, which has the advantage that Bas churches can be placed without a permit.

It’s mainly about the position of the window, says Fairhawk. “The light doesn’t bend. We think so. Compared to a dormer window, we have windows that are angled, so more light comes in. A dormer window has a vertical window that gives less light.” “It basically affects people’s perception.” People sometimes think about what to do. With such a little thing on the roof, but then they see it inside and think: What is the space and light compared to a dormer. People do not have this expectation. Well that’s what I call compliments for my work. “

Costs Once people know that, they are happy to come. Then the first question most people ask is, “What are the costs?” But then I ask, “How much does a loaf of bread cost in the bakery?” You have to know what kind of bread you want. This is why the entrepreneur first meets with people and discusses the possibilities, desires, and technical issues such as pitch roof and roof construction. “Sometimes people have a lot of ideas. Then you try to listen to what they want. But my job is mainly to transform desires and possibilities.”

What is particularly striking about Barnevelder is that at this time people immerse themselves more in their homes and still want to make something out of that attic. Verhoek: “With BASkapel, you can really create that extra space so that you can walk around your bed. Compared to installing a dormer window with a window sill, BAS Church provides the same standing space. While it is more refined on the outside and also provides more daylight.”

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