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Are you already used to it? Waking up with frost on the grass and a bright blue sky above! For the past one week this scene has been frequently enjoyed in our country. In the west alone it was slightly lower on Tuesday. There is good news for sun lovers and we will often see its rays in the coming days. Whether it will be completely blue is a different story

What gives us that sun?
The high pressure area is located above Scandinavia. That high pressure area neatly holds a barrier west of our country. Around the height there is a current that brings dry air from the east. In fact, a cloud is rare because the humidity in the air is low, but there is one exception. In the northeast of our country there is a slight remnant of a faade, so there are still a few clouds, which are well visible in satellite images. Tomorrow, Scandinavian High Pressure Fortress will slowly be captured by a new high pressure area over the United Kingdom. Before that weather system moves northeast over the next few days, we temporarily get a northerly current that could bring in some more clouds and cool air. However, early next week, this new peak will be over Scandinavia again, and dry air traffic from the East will resume!

3-3-2022 radarnl.png
In this morning’s satellite image, the bar of wet air is clearly visible in the northeast of our country.

Patients with hay fever may have already noticed that now that it has dried for a while, the amount of pollen in the air increases dangerously. If there are one or more significant periods of frost in the winter, hay fever complaints in early spring are usually not bad. Unfortunately, with mild winters like last winter, the hay fever season seems to be coming to an end. Once the weather is a bit dry, one quickly begins to bloom. At this time, mainly alder cats emit more pollen. But hazel is on the way to large-scale flowering. Great foxtail is one of the first grasses to cause misery soon. In the absence of rainfall, pollen will be in the air and in the absence of air it will not be thrown from the ground. In fact, some of the air there comes from the east, so it carries pollen from Germany. Although hay fever patients do not currently experience many complaints in late spring or late summer, the onset of complaints at the beginning of the year is annoying.

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3-3-2022 pollenradar.png
Pollen radar already shows the highest values ​​today.

What will the weather be like tomorrow?
It will be clear in most parts of the country tonight. I.e. the temperature once again enters the nose. For most of the interior, it will be at least -2. It may even turn to -4 if the wind completely subsides for a while in the east. The beach will be at least slightly above freezing. That wet breeze we’ve been talking about for a while is east of Croningen tonight. So it may be foggy in the Northeast.
The day will start fresh tomorrow morning, which will undoubtedly provide beautiful pictures of sunrise with frozen fields! However, the sun removes the cold quickly, and in the afternoon it ranges from 8 degrees in the north to 11 degrees in the south. Any fog in the Northeast will melt very quickly in the morning, and the sun will work overtime in other parts of the Netherlands. The wind does not play a major role and blows from the east 1 Beaufort inland to 4 Beaufort along the coast.

3-3-2022 tomorrow.png
Tomorrow is very sunny and in many places double digits on the thermometer.

Did anyone order another sunny day? Then there is the good news: Saturday will also be sunny. Mercury is still less sensitive in the early morning. The minima could touch -4 in the east again and freeze slightly in other parts of the country except the coastal areas.
It will be sunny again on Saturday afternoon. There may be some clouds in the afternoon, especially in the northern part of the country. However, this is not enough to ruin the good weather. The maximum temperature will be slightly lower. In the south it can reach just 10 degrees, but in the north it is done at about 6 degrees. Weak winds will come from the east and return to the north in the evening.

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It will be a familiar film in the coming days, it will still be frosty in the morning but beautiful blue sky. Photo: Jesse Van Water

On Sunday, a northerly current will rise temporarily above our country. A front remnant is thrown in our direction, not much rain, but clouds. Real cloud domains move across the country only during the day. That means it will be cold at night from Saturday to Sunday. Again freeze slightly in several places and the minimum temperature will again be between -2 and -5. Under the influence of the very hot North Sea, the thermometer is slightly above freezing in coastal areas.
The sun is still high in many places in the morning. From the north, cloud fields pass in the afternoon, which occasionally protect the sun. It will remain dry, but in many places the north wind will blow with a force of 3 or 4. In many places the maximum temperature is only 5 or 6 degrees. Combined with the wind, Sunday can feel very cold, however, the difference with the previous days is huge.

Start of work week
On Monday we will be affected by some more remaining clouds, but during the day the sun will appear more and more. The days after that were very bright sun. Temperatures are still near double digits on Mondays and Tuesdays, but are expected to cool again from Wednesday. Freezes lightly in most places at night.

3-3-2022 Multi day.png
There will be enough sun on the program over the next few days and the nights will be cool!