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D66: ‘Tunnel free of charge must be prepared before 2023’

Last week, two movements were passed in the House of Representatives, urging the Cabinet to expedite the completion of tariffs for the Western Shield tunnel. According to Commissioner Harry van der Moss, the Minister of State for Outreach, Cora van Nieuwenhuien, is now working together to take decisive action. “I spoke with a very positive, constructive minister,” Van der Moss told the state committee on Friday morning.

The script should be on the table when the new cabinet is formed. That should happen in September. As outgoing minister, Van Nieuwenhuien can no longer make big decisions. Van der Moss: “A new cabinet will make a decision on this in any case. This is clear from the statements made at the time of the election.”

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It is not in everyone’s favor that a positive outcome for Geeland should still be negotiated on the negotiating table. All this remains to be seen, says SGP leader John van Burke. “A lot is being set aside by ministers now, like this: I’m not going to do anything with it now because I don’t have the money right now. It only becomes clear what will happen during creation,” said Van Burke.

Others, such as CDA member Hans de Gunder, were very optimistic: “Use speed, what’s happening at the moment”, thereby noting the two movements that De Gunder has adopted. D66 member Don Verd was still optimistic: “If we all support this lobby, we can organize it in 2025, maybe even in 2023.”

Shadow count

At the moment there is still a ‘debt’ of 340 million euros in Westershelddonal; Money to be collected by tolls from cars and trucks driving through the subway. So if the number is raised, there will be a gap of hundreds of millions. According to other parties, such as D66-Er Verard and VVT, this can be solved by calling it a ‘shadow figure’.

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“This means that the government will now pay the costs offset by the collection of the toll, that is, by passers-by,” says Verd. According to him, the federal government can divide that total into smaller installments over thirty years. During the discussion, Deputy Harry van der Moss pointed out that this was an open scene.