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Game Wonder Jaila (14) is the first African-American winner of a well-known sporting event in the United States | Abroad

In the United States, 14-year-old Jaila Avant-Garde has won the popular sports competition Scripps National Spelling Bee. It marks the first African-American winner in the tournament’s 93-year history.

Jaila, a 14-year-old from Harvey, Louisiana, exploded with excitement after uttering the winning word “Murray”, an Australian and Asian tree species. Prodigy proudly took the trophy and made history as the first African-American winner. Jaila received a prize of $ 50,000 (approximately ,000 42,000).

“The achievements and successes of more and more women are encouraged and women around the world will see that they can do whatever they want,” Zaila said.

World Record Drops

Although Jaila considered sports to be a “hobby”, he practiced the game for up to seven hours a day. In addition to sports, Jaila also has a knack for sports. He holds three Guinness World Records for the fastest number of basketballs in a single minute. As a result, the 14-year-old girl dreams of playing one day on the national team of professional women’s basketball.

Jaila may be the first African-American to hold the title, but not the first black winner of the sporting event. The title belongs to the Jamaican pair-Anne Maxwell, who took home the trophy in 1998.

Although Jaila considered sports to be a “hobby”, he practiced the game for up to seven hours a day. © REUTERS

Jaila proudly accepted the trophy.

Jaila proudly accepted the trophy. © REUTERS

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