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DAB+ Flemish Brabant, Radio Angel, Apple Music – RadioVisie

DAB+ Flemish Brabant, Radio Angel, Apple Music – RadioVisie

DAB+ in Flemish Brabant: less space in the same bed

The arrival of Family Radio Flemish Brabant as the tenth station in the DAB+ mux trial in Flemish Brabant also has consequences for the other nine local radio stations in this group. All stations are now connected to 80 CUs, where each previously had 96 Kbps. This is disappointing, especially for Radio Victoria in Halle 96 CUs were used to set the protection level to the highest setting (EEP A-1). With this high error correction, Victoria's signal always traveled a little further than that of other radio stations in the same multiplex. All ten local radios now have the same level of protection (EEP A-2), which is still better than other groups in the Belgian digital airwaves where the “international average standard” (EEP A-3) is used. With protection level EEP A-2, there is “only” a voice quality of 80 kbps per station in Flemish Brabant.

UK: Radio Angel +1 on DAB+, an hour later on FM

Another topic about DAB+ that stands out in a rather special way. At your local UK multiplex Portsmouth Trial Sends Angel Radio, aimed primarily at an older audience, has now been released with the “Angel Radio +1” program. This is the same program shown on FM, but an hour later. It is the first British radio station to differentiate itself from FM in this way over DAB+. Angel Radio is a local but very creative community radio that recently celebrated its silver anniversary. The channel has been broadcasting on regional DAB multiplexes since 2010 and in 2015 was one of the founders of one of the first and most innovative small format DAB multiplexes in Great Britain. The new service was made possible with the help of Dean Kavanagh Radiofinity.

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Want to import Spotify playlists to Apple Music?

Will Apple Music soon be able to import songs from competing services? It was previously announced that Apple Music will make the annual replay function a monthly version, so you can see your favorite songs every month. But there's more news on this front: a new feature is currently being tested that allows you to import songs and playlists into Apple Music from competing streaming services, like Spotify. Readers on Reddit discovered this feature in software updates, and it was also confirmed by Apple blog MacRumors. This feature will be made possible through a partnership with SongShift, a long-standing service that allows you to move your music library and playlists from one streaming service to another. (Faj)