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Ahh, Epic Games bought the ArtStation

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While we’re used to things like studios, they were bought and paid for as part of Epic It is an electronic game– A crusade against companies like Apple and Valve Corporation I bought something unexpected over the weekend: the ArtStation website Anyone we’ve had Sophisticated art Property He will be more familiar with it.

Following the demise of CGHub again in 2014In short, ArtStation launched from A site for everyone that works professionally in the entertainment field. So if an artist worked in video games, he’d definitely kept a portfolio on ArtStation, which is the reason for it all Sophisticated art The message may contain a link to the website.

So what does selling actually mean? As for artists, as you’d expect given Epic’s developer-friendly pricing elsewhere, they can make a lot of money on the site with a significant reduction in seller costs (ArtStation has a commercial component where people can sell things like instructional videos and photo reference packages), While the ArtStation indoor video lessons will also be free for the rest of 2021.

For Epic, they’ll take advantage of the site’s popularity and structure to do a lot of Unreal Engine-related things, while for everyone else, ArtStation will work. “Continue to act as a standalone branding platform,” which means for most artists the look and feel of the site will remain exactly the same for now.

over there More when buying from here.

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