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Danish footballer considers retirement after seeing 4 (!) of his teammates collapse on the field: “I'm done with this” |  Foreign football

Danish footballer considers retirement after seeing 4 (!) of his teammates collapse on the field: “I’m done with this” | Foreign football

Danish footballer Lasse Schön, 37, has had doubts ever since Events surrounding Bas Dost More and more about how long he wants to continue as a footballer. This came in an interview with the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. After Abdelhak Nouri, Daley Blind and Christian Eriksen, the NEC midfielder was once again subjected to the collapse of his teammate and friend Dost on the pitch.

look. Bas Dost collapsed after the enemy (solid images)

Lasse Schöne has a hard time remembering the moment when NEC and AZ players stood around Bas Dost while he was receiving treatment on the field. “Many of the boys asked me what happened and tried to watch,” the NEC captain said in an interview with Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. “I said, ‘Just look ahead, because you don’t want to see this.’ I’ve experienced this a lot with people close to me and I’m done with it.

Sean’s thoughts have returned to similar positions in recent years. The Dane was on the field in 2017 when Abdelhak Nouri lost consciousness during an Ajax training match and watched his good friends Daley Blind and Christian Eriksen develop heart problems in 2019 and 2021. Makes him think.

Lucie Schön with Daley Blind, Abdelhak Nouri, Christian Eriksen and Bas Dost. © Pro Shots, Australian News Agency, Reuters

“At the moment you’re busy with other things, but then I thought: It’s unbelievable that this is happening again,” Sean says. “To be honest, this also makes me doubt my future. I know that my career will end one day, I’m not the youngest anymore. You always have to let this kind of event sink in your mind first, but now I’m thinking more than usual about when it’s time to stop. There’s More important things than football.”

In the final stage of the match against AZ Alkmaar, Schön was one of the first players to notice that something was wrong with Dost. After the referee blew his whistle, Sean sprinted toward the striker and, along with Arizona goalkeeper Matthew Ryan, ordered all the other players to form a human shield so the paramedics could do their work. “I saw the bass fall to the ground in the corner of my eye and I didn’t have a good feeling about it right away,” Sean explains. “I was still trying to mark the ball, but mainly I was trying to get the referee’s attention. Fortunately, he whistled very quickly and we were able to go for Bass. It was a terrifying few minutes, but everyone was very happy and relieved that he was able to get his hand up as he was carried off the pitch.”

“We talk a lot about what happened, which is good,” Sean says. “Football is a masculine world, where players are not quick to express their feelings, but in this case everyone should definitely do it. Crying, screaming, laughing, kicking something: it’s all right. As long as the players don’t keep it to themselves.” When something bothers them. Unconsciously this can do a lot to you. I know this from experience. It has also helped me to talk about everything. You can never leave it behind. This is something I am constantly working on, even though I have tried it before. I will not You never get used to this.”

Schöne earlier this season with Dost.
Schöne earlier this season with Dost. © National Ports Agency

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