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Dante Vanzier eventually admitted: “I haven't had many lessons about it” - Football News

Dante Vanzier eventually admitted: “I haven’t had many lessons about it” – Football News

Dante Vanzier has moved from Union SG to MLS. This was not really a great success for our compatriot.

Dante Vanzier expected a lot from his move when he crossed the Pacific, but it ultimately turned out to be a forgettable year.

He was accused of making racist remarks during the match and was severely suspended. He also had to complete an improvement course ordered by MLS.

He couldn’t tell right away what he learned from this. “This is confidential and personal,” says Het Belang van Limburg. “It’s about confronting your emotions and prejudices.”

But there was also more to this course. “There is also a history section on the history of the black community in the United States, on slavery, etc. Very educational, something that could also be improved in Belgium. For example, I did not learn much about the Congo and Leopold II.

Usually his season is already over. “I broke three vertebrae in my back last month in the match against Austin. I went into a head duel, my opponent ducked, I flew over him and landed badly. But they are straight fractures and don’t need surgery, just eight weeks of rest. That means my season is over.” “Unless we continue and go a long way in the qualifiers.”

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