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'De Verhulstjes' has arrived in Saint-Tropez: Season 2 recordings begin |  TV

‘De Verhulstjes’ has arrived in Saint-Tropez: Season 2 recordings begin | TV

TVRecordings for the second season of “De Verhulstjes” have officially begun. This let the ‘Studio 100’ family know on Instagram. Recordings continue in sunny Saint-Tropez, where there is a luxury villa in Geert. “After our lives as they were in Season 1, it will now be our vacation,” said the Studio 100 president.

The kick-off was given with the cameras rolling: Gert, Ellen, Viktor and Marie gave us yet another insight into their lives for the second season of ‘De Verhulstjes’. “Season 2, here we go! Filming has begun,” the family wrote on Instagram. Victor also posted a photo with Abby Verhulst at the French seaside resort. “At half past nine, we’re on our way down,” he says. It is not clear if Jeff, a girlfriend of Mary and Sarah, a girlfriend of Victor, is also with them.

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“We all had a very good feeling about that first series about the adventures of ‘home’ in Oostduinkerke. Obviously, the viewer was interested too. So it was quickly clear that there was going to be a second season,” the head of the household told our newspaper in mid-April. “Although we thought for some time about how and when this second series would be aired. In the end we agreed to do two short seasons of ‘De Verhulstjes’ each of six episodes this year. Whether there will be a sequel there will depend after that, as it is As always, on the success of watching.”

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Saint Tropez

The setting for the second season is sunny Saint-Tropez. The Verhulst family owns an elegant villa in the seaside resort of southern France. It has a master suite with two bathrooms, overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, and three other suites, each with a bathroom, a ballroom-sized lounge, dining room, kitchen with cold room and utility room, swimming pool, gym and a spacious 2000 square meter garden.

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“After our lives as they were in season one, it will now be our vacation,” Gert says. “So it’s good to do nothing, in our bubble. But also discover Saint-Tropez. Take a bike ride, go to the famous beaches. To enjoy it for a very long time, very often.”

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