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This weather makes things better indoors: Gift-giving tips for people staying at home

This weather makes things better indoors: Gift-giving tips for people staying at home

Banish the dark days with flannel pajamas. Cozy up under a wool blanket in front of the TV or spend the weekend in bed, John and Yoko style. This weather makes it better indoors.

Ten Zwenpoel

In stocking feet

Wool socks, steaming coffee, soft knitwear: these warmers will help even in the coldest parts of the season. Dutch web store Nordic Socks already has a treatment for chilblains. Choose from a wide range of wool socks knit with Norwegian jacquard motifs for the whole family.

“Svea”, 5 pairs of merino wool socks in different colours, €39.99,

A picture of toast

Bed secret

Turn around again early in the morning: For most people, this is only possible on the weekend. Unless you dare mix up a work-from-home day with a day off. Flannel pajamas with tulip print from British brand Toast are designed for all-day lounging, but stylish enough to answer an urgent video call.

“Tulip” pajamas for 195 euros,

Empty image set 702

Photo set 702

Plaids and peace

It is no coincidence that Amsterdam textile brand Suite 702 gets its name from the hotel room in which John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their concert for peace in 1969. As a nod to this peaceful action, the brand calls for more fun in bed, with bedding Colorful and ethically sourced. In addition to wool hot water bottles, you’ll now also find graphic plaids made from double-knit organic cotton.

Knitted plaids in 5 different color combinations, 130 x 170 cm, €99.95,

Accidentally blank photo of Wes Anderson

Photo by chance: Wes Anderson

Wes’s world

Director Wes Anderson’s surreal films are truly a world unto themselves, and now you too can get lost in his wondrous world while you puzzle. the Accidentally Wes AndersonThe thousand-piece puzzle is inspired by the coffee table book of the same name and will keep even seasoned puzzle lovers busy for hours. A colorful collection of thirty photographs guides you through typical locations, such as the snow-covered blue house in Antarctica or the remote post office in Argentina. The attached poster explains each location.

“Accidentally Wes Anderson” 1000-piece puzzle, €23.95,

null Picture of Zara Home

Image by Zara Home

Blissfully flabby

Watch a movie, read a book, or take a nap: this duffel bag is perfect for lazy and tired moments. Zara Home’s winter collection also includes wool plaids, cozy loungewear and scented candles to get you in the mood.

Terry cloth bag, available in two colours, €159,

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