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De Verraders is over, but the BVs keep kicking: 'Astrid was killed to improve the atmosphere'

De Verraders is over, but the BVs keep kicking: ‘Astrid was killed to improve the atmosphere’


With a reunion episode on Thursday, March 31, the curtain has fallen on the first season of traitors† A much-discussed season, which leaves a bitter aftertaste for some participants. According to biologist Dirk Draulans, it was cut and pasted to make Astrid Coppins a hero.

Things are not going well between Dirk Rollance and Astrid Coppins. Biologist called Coppins a “bitch” in his online accounts of episodes and attacked her again during the reunion. Now he’s doing it again Hello all

According to Draulans, Astrid created a bad atmosphere on the set. “Of course the tensions rose at times, but in general there was a friendly atmosphere. Except when Astrid was flying down the aisles,” it seems. “Then I urged her to be a little polite, but she shot me with her eyes. She was killed to improve the atmosphere in the group.”

no heroine

Draulans claim that the makers of Coppens portrayed it very favorably. “She was portrayed as some kind of heroine, who was the only one on the track. But we didn’t notice that during the recordings. She didn’t have control of the group at all. Well, she was the first to name Walter at the Round Table, but does it have to be made like This game about it?”

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Bart Kyle, one of the game’s winners, confirms what the Draulans have to say. It seems that “Astrid Coppins was so strong in the skin, the episodes basically focused on her”. However, Cale himself was already looking for traitors, even if that wasn’t always the case. “A lot of the game hasn’t been seen by viewers,” he says.

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Class is closed

Astrid responds with Hello all on the allegations of Draulans. “For God’s sake,” she says, “it’s a game.” The whole reunion wasn’t necessary for me. There was definitely tension in the air, but I didn’t feel compelled to respond to the way the match played.” To Coppins traitors closed chapter. “But I think it’s a shame that some people find it necessary to imitate and hurt people.”

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