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De Wever rules out high climate costs for the middle class

Next week, the Flemish government will continue to work on climate measures to further reduce carbon dioxide emissions. But N-VA President Bart De Wever told VTM Nieuws he didn’t want to hear about higher taxes for “working people.”

The Flemish government has yet to reach agreement on additional climate measures on Sunday. Work will continue in the coming days. Environment Minister Saturn Demir (N-VA) wants to travel to the Glasgow climate summit only if a suitable climate plan is on the table.

There are various scenarios on the table, which are now being calculated further. This is about undertaking renovation for old, energy-hungry homes. In addition, it was reported that an investigation into how work on electrification of the vehicle fleet could be accelerated. Mobility Minister Lydia Peters (Open VLD) also wants to conduct another study of smart kilometer charging.


On VTM Nieuws, N-VA President Bart de Wever stressed that the measures should not lead to tax increases for the middle class. This, he said, is also why smart kilometer charging is not an option for his party. Moreover, the electrification of the vehicle fleet is proceeding so rapidly that such charges may not be necessary within a few years, it has been said.

Nuclear Energy

The N-VA chief immediately repeated his plea to conserve nuclear power, pointing his arrows at Groen and Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten (Groen). “Nuclear is the option of the future. It seemed like there was no alternative. He warned that if all power plants were closed, electricity prices would rise and supplies would dwindle. Prime Minister de Croo must step in now.