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It is now possible to charge fees to the general public in Hasselt

It is now possible to charge fees to the general public in Hasselt

Valore Vastbeter, a (commercial) property owner from Hasselt, has opened a brand new “shipping yard” in the Stadsheide industrial area. This is a comprehensive installation where electric cars, buses and trucks can charge their batteries at lightning speed. Flemish Minister Lydia Peeters and Hasselt Mayor Steven Vandeputt were officially allowed to use the facilities on Thursday.

Valorie does not sit back and push an energy transition in which everyone in the world must participate. Their new installation in Hasselt consists of 1,700 1MW photovoltaic panels, which, supported by a battery system, help provide power to four DC connection points with a total capacity of 2 x 400 kW. “This makes it the first public charging park suitable for rapid charging of electric buses and trucks,” says Miguel Vanderet of Valore Vastbeter. “It is also suitable for charging cars at record speed.” The project contractor/installer is Optiload (Hasselt), which consulted Pluon, a subsidiary of CKS from Dilsen-Stokkem, for the implementation. A purely Limburg project, proudly inaugurated by Minister Lydia Peters and Mayor Steffen Vandeputte.

Anyone who wants can go to the new shipping yard. “For our buildings, we look not only at their function for tenants, but also at the role that accommodation can play in the surrounding community,” says Miguel Vanderet. “For example, parking in a building that serves as an office during the day can provide added value to the environment at night. In this case, it is an option to charge your car, for example for apartment residents.”

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In the second half of 2024, Valore plans to establish another charging park on the Grote Ring in Hasselt, with 28 AC charging points for cars and 4 DC charging points for fast charging of cars, trucks and buses.