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Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange SundaeSwap launches testnet Cardano (ADA) today - BTC Direct

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange SundaeSwap launches testnet Cardano (ADA) today – BTC Direct

SundaeSwap is almost ready to launch on the Cardano testnet. This testnet is public, so anyone can follow transactions. SundaeSwap, as the name suggests, is a decentralized exchange, like PancakeSwap on BSC and UniSwap on Ethereum.

Expect a lot of activity

Yesterday, Input Output HK announced that IOHK is the company behind Cardano. IOHK is also responsible for developing the Cardano testnet, and they expect there will be a lot of interest in the ADA-based DEX.

“We are expecting a lot of interest in this upcoming event and a lot of activity. That is why we are working together.

Launch Go to the day

However, teething problems have already appeared. These caused some bugs that delayed the launch from yesterday to today. SundaeSwap joked that they should change their name to MondaeSwap.

So today it will be launched on the testnet, and not on the real Cardano network. To participate, you need a Cardano wallet that can connect to the testnet. Testnet codes must be generated for the experiment. Think of a wallet like Nami.

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There are no agreements yet on the launch of the main network

The release date/time of the company has not been shared on the real Cardano network, nor is it known how long and how much it will be tested.

The announcement did not specify how long the tests would last or when the main network would start.

IOHK stated that the primary goal of the test is to see how the network performs when performing multiple transactions. The team can check and analyze the parameter settings by themselves. Cardano set these network parameters, such as block size, CPU limit, and memory limit, somewhat conservatively for tests.

Better is better than fasting

Cardano network can Vanaf September 12 Smart Contracts to spin. Since then, few have launched, causing Cardano to receive criticism from the crypto community. It’s not fast enough.

But Cardano has always emphasized that they want to spend their time doing it right. They take a consistent approach to DeFi, Dapps, and smart contracts. They still expect to be able to compete with Ethereum.

Ignore FUD

IOHK also pre-screens any SundaeSwap criticism and bugs. These errors are part of it and have already been reported by testnet users. The company encouraged users to join its Discord channel to provide feedback on the SundaeSwap platform, as well as ignore FUD.

In June, it was White papers From SundaeSwap Shared publicly for the first time. This states that a decentralized exchange will become scalable and enable an automated protocol to provide liquidity to ADA.

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