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Dechachet receives a loving message: “What a role model!”  – offside

Dechachet receives a loving message: “What a role model!” – offside

It has been a very volatile year for Olivier Deschacht on a romantic level in 2023. The blond former international formed a duo with Beau Bright for a while, after which he also linked up with a well-known singer in the fall. This time the analyst received another loving letter.

Amorous stimuli without a happy ending

At the beginning of last year, Beau, a former Miss Belgium candidate, and Olivier showed their love. They did this by posting a photo together from the same place in Paris. Ultimately, their relationship would end just before the summer.

Since then, rumors have spread about Olivier's love life, and that's putting it mildly. Several weekly magazines linked Dechachet with singer Pauline Slangen, and that turned out to be no empty slander.

Downer but loyal best friends

Dechacht himself noted in a previous interview that the two got along well, and Pauline said something similar but added that “their worlds are very different.” The Slangen family also didn't want to have a relationship because of the age difference, so she kept flirting.

Fortunately, Olivier himself can turn to a group of loyal friends, including two real-life close friends: Yves Vanderhaeghe and SK Dens' Steve De Ridder. The latter highlighted this with a beautiful photo on Instagram. Then his colleague Lennart Mertens (Dainzi) immediately asked: “Is this your typical face?”