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Hopeful update: King Charles and Queen Camilla will attend Easter Mass

Hopeful update: King Charles and Queen Camilla will attend Easter Mass

Buckingham Palace has come out with good news. king Charles He will be at Easter Mass at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. The service will look different this year, because only a select group of members of the royal family will be in attendance.


It's been quiet around Charles in recent weeks. The king has been a supporter since the beginning of February cancer Treated after surgery for prostate enlargement. As a result, Charles has not attended any major events recently. For example, he recently organized a funeral Sir Thomas Kingston passes by.

The king was only seen on private and public occasions. Charles's decision to attend Easter Mass is therefore significant. This suggests the King's doctors currently believe Charles is well enough to be allowed to attend Easter Mass.

Charles and Camilla go to Easter Mass, which lasts for an hour, according to the church's website, from one-fifteen to eleven, and then until twelve-fifteen. Holy Communion will take place before the service, and after the service there will be a Eucharistic celebration, followed by evening singing.

Unlike usual, according to British press insiders, the service will not be a large family gathering, as Charles does not want to come into contact with too many people for the sake of his health.

Kate and William

prince William And the princess Kate In any case, he will not be present at Easter Mass. After all, Kate recently released the news that she has some form of it cancer It has been noticed. She is currently being treated for this and has already started chemotherapy. The king said he was “in close contact with his beloved daughter-in-law” and was “proud of Catherine for speaking in this way.” They spend Easter with a well-deserved holiday in Norfolk.

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For now, William will continue to support his wife and family, while also carrying out his official duties as he has done since Kate's surgery in January. William will resume his public duties when his children return to school after the Easter break. Last year I made the film “The Little Prince.” Louis It remains his first appearance with the service.

Other guests

Which other royals will be in attendance? Princess Anne and her husband are regular guests every year, as are the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh and their children, Mrs Louise And Mosques, Earl of Wessex. In addition to his prince Andrewprincess Eugenie And the princess Beatrice Including supporters who also attend every year. Mike And Zara Tindall often adopts children Lena And Mia for along way. Whether each of them will actually exist or not will have to be seen from the pictures.


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