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DeepMind ‘discovers’ 2.2 million inorganic substances using AI – IT Pro – News

Taken from the original article:

2.2 million: Clever computer models, called GNoME, have found more than 2.2 million new crystal structures. These are structures that are not yet known and may be stable. This is a very large number and shows how powerful these models are for finding new materials.
381,000: Of the 2.2 million structures found, 381,000 are really new and particularly interesting because they are located on the “convex hull”. This means they are unique and potentially valuable for other applications, such as in batteries or electronic devices.
421,000: If we add these 381,000 new structures to the structures that were already known, we reach a total of 421,000 stable crystal structures. This shows that the discovery of GNOME has contributed significantly to what we know about stable materials.
48000: Before using GNOME models, approximately 48,000 stable crystals had already been identified through previous studies. This was the basic information I started with GNOME Models.

Of the 48,000 known stable crystals that were used as the basis for the gnome models, approximately 40,000 crystals were already present on the “convex hull.”

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