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Delicious ribs and a cozy team: you’ll want to eat here

American Steakhouse Broadway has been a household name on the Oudegracht in Utrecht for 30 years. A beautiful location in the Wharf Cellars, an attractive restaurant, delicious food, but above all an exclusive team: this sums up a pleasant evening. Reservation possible Here!

why Broadway A household name in Utrecht? Broadway’s co-owner Chris likes to explain: “We’ve been around for a long time. We’re located on the Oudegracht, one of the most beautiful places in Utrecht. Many people walk by on their own: we’re easily accessible. We’re always focused on the guest, and we’re always on top of that. The quality is high and that’s for regular guests. know

big smile

Guest feedback is important to a restaurant. Dava, the manager says: “I am very proud, many guests mention that they can see how happy we are with our work. The team goes around smiling and the guests notice it. That’s the best compliment you can get, right?

Elaine, the shift leader, also recalls a great compliment: “Utrecht is a tourist city. We sometimes have American guests in our restaurant. I love that they say they’ve never had such delicious ribs. It’s also often served in America, but they find ours delicious and tender. I want to share that with the chefs in the kitchen.

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Service with a smile Photo: American Steakhouse Broadway

New Zealand

American Steakhouse Broadway is known for their delicious steaks and ribs. They are passionate about their products. Sybren, assistant manager: “We make steaks and spare ribs completely our own way with a specialty meat.” Employees have a method Blind tasting With all kinds of meat around the world.

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Cybran continues: “We look for the best flavor, texture and what meat is best off the grill. We already offered meat from New Zealand and now we’ve picked it up again. That is the perfect meat.”

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Big and small food

Different guests, different preferences. This applies to a delicious meal, but also to a nice drink. Says Cindy, the shift leader: “Some people come here for a little snack, some spare ribs for a cocktail, others for a full meal where they stay long after dinner.”

The steakhouse has several cocktails on the menu. Even more special is the fact that T Cocktail Professor has created these cocktails for them. How about a Broadway Star with Beefeater Gin, Gold Dust and honey syrup, or Yellow Cab with Curry Vodka, fresh lime juice and ginger beer? You have to taste it, right?

One team, one mission

For those not yet familiar with Wharf Cellars: it’s deep and big. So the restaurant is overstaffed. Shift leader Karen explains why she enjoys it so much: “We really are a team in the kitchen, both in service and at the bar. We help each other and stop working that evening only when everyone is ready.

“You’re never alone. If you accidentally fall off a plate, you can be sure that someone will come to your rescue right away. It’s a really nice feeling. It makes work extra fun!”

Must have Diploma in Swimming

You can imagine that something has gone wrong in 30 years. Fortunately, they can only laugh about it. “It was a busy Saturday and the terrace was full. A colleague was outside cleaning the table when he tripped. You almost guessed it: he went into the water with the table and all. The guests gave extra tips for the show,” said Dara. This led to my own joke: “If you need a day off, we say: you should go to the canal.”

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Come work with us

After the above story, are you excited not only about the food, but also about the team? This is your lucky day: They are different vacancies. Chris: “We had a good summer with hard working staff. We are now looking for administrative staff.

Co-owner Onno continues: “We’re really looking for people who fit our team. The atmosphere in our team is very good and we want to keep it that way. Many employees describe our team as their second family. That’s the best compliment you can get.”

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