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Demolition begins Beverdam Hoevelaken provides space for 36 new apartments

Demolition begins Beverdam Hoevelaken provides space for 36 new apartments

The demolition process has begun on the 20 houses in Beverdam in Hovellaken. the old The homes will make way for 36 new apartments. It has been prepared in cooperation with residents and the municipality of Nijkerk Alliance Plan a new building where it’s fun to live. This building also has space for former residents who wish to return.

A home suitable for everyone in Beaverdam

The demand for affordable housing is high and will increase further in the coming years. The coalition wants to help more people find suitable and affordable housing. “That is why we are building additional homes and encouraging mobility. Thanks to the Beaverdam project, we are building 30 social homes and 6 rental homes for the middle sector, adding 16 homes to our housing stock. In addition, the new apartments are more sustainable than existing homes,” he explains. Alliance Development Director Bram Meijers.


Heijmans is responsible for building the homes. Construction fences have now been put up around homes scheduled for demolition in Beaverdam. Preparatory work for the actual demolition begins from mid-November to mid-December. This starts with removing asbestos from elevator shafts. A specialist and certified asbestos company is carrying out the work on behalf of Heijmans. The real demolition, meaning the permanent removal of the homes, will begin in the new year. Immediately after demolition, Hegemans will begin construction of the 36 apartments. The homes are expected to be completed by mid-2025.

Landing meeting

During a well-attended meeting on Wednesday 29 November, local residents of Hegemans and the coalition received information about plans for the upcoming period, traffic and safety conditions, communications surrounding the project and design.

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“Local residents are informed about the demolition and construction process via Heijmans Bouwapp. But it is also possible to ask questions here. “We are guests in the neighborhood and attach great importance to the safety and well-being of all parties involved, including local residents,” says project leader Henk van Heel from Heijmans. .


The building will contain 2- and 3-bedroom apartments. ‘2-room apartments are approximately 49 square metres. The area of ​​3-bedroom apartments ranges between 63 and 70 square meters. The apartments are located on one floor, making them ideal for seniors who no longer want or cannot climb stairs. “The houses are also very suitable for beginners and families of one or two people,” says Alliance area developer Gert Visser.