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Despite record heat wave, California avoids blackouts after residents urged to conserve energy |  Abroad

Despite record heat wave, California avoids blackouts after residents urged to conserve energy | Abroad

On Wednesday, the US state of California’s grid operator urged consumers to save energy. The Independent System Operator (ISO) does this for eight consecutive days. However, calls prevented power outages due to a heat wave in the drought-stricken area.

Energy prices rose to a two-year high on Tuesday. Demand is at an all-time high as homes and businesses have raised their air conditioners to escape the heat. ISO was particularly concerned with energy consumption during the evening. Then solar energy was no longer available.

Record temperatures in California This week will continue with maximum temperatures of around 45°C in the interior of the state. That’s what the National Weather Service expects.

ISO, the network operator for most of California, rescinded its warning of potential power outages on Tuesday evening. In the end, it turns out that these are not necessary to avoid a general breakdown of the power grid. PG&E, one of the state’s largest energy companies, had previously warned that about 525,000 homes could be without power for up to two hours.

However, ISO continued to urge consumers to conserve energy for the eighth day in a row on Wednesday evening. This is especially important when the sun goes down and the solar energy stops working. This type of power provided about a third of the electricity on the grid on Tuesday afternoons, but of course none at night.

“Consumer awareness of their consumption has played a major role in protecting the reliability of the power grid,” the International Organization for Standardization said in a tweet on Twitter. The network operator sent messages to consumers’ smartphones in various parts of California, asking them to supply power immediately.

Five minutes after sending those messages, the emergency was almost gone, He writes for Bloomberg News. The graph below shows, based on data from ISO, how energy consumption led to the dive after the emergency message.

The last time ISO ordered utilities to cut off electricity for two days was in August 2020. It took about 800,000 homes and businesses from 15 minutes to about 2.5 hours.

However, there were an unexpected 11,000 families without electricity. Santa Clara, south of San Francisco, was particularly hard hit.

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