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Despite the devil at the crossbar, Clotting records his third consecutive victory

With less than half an hour left on the clock Valentijn van Keulen already thought he would score his third goal of the calendar year, but to the midfielder’s disbelief it again blocked the second clinking goal.

Tension in the final stages

The only difference was that the home team was constantly in balance. In a thrilling finale, Lawrence brought two debutants into the clot. Goalkeeper Dosberg was replaced by Ivan Goremann and Joel Decker was replaced by Joel von Hervignen. The home team’s final attack caused some dangerous moments, but in the end Kloetinge left the field with a frugal victory.

The 0-1 win over New-Leckland was Clouding’s third win in a row. Lawrence’s team climbed to third in the Class 1 B rankings. Next Saturday, the Bowland team will hold a meeting with the Ternusens boys in Zeeland.

Score track

Clotting system

Mitchell Profoffhart, Klaus von Hecke, Job Decker (90 / Joel von Hervignen), Rico von Neilon, Jeremy Hebrechtse, Eiden Milot, Reguillo vondebit, Valentijn von Coulen (74 / Tim de Winra, 84) )

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