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US President Biden lashes out at dictator Putin in first State of the Union: ‘He miscalculated’

Björn Soenens: “There was criticism that Biden said too little about the Russians who could not be compared to Putin, and that he had too many topics to discuss, and sometimes a little too little about exactly what was going on in Ukraine.”

Because there were actually other titles in “State of the Union” like Kovit-19. Although the epidemic clearly plays a less important role. US President’s message: “Govt no longer controls our lives”. It is noteworthy that Biden did not wear the mask in Congress. “We need to be vigilant for new virus variants.”

Biden reacted to inflation in the United States. “Everything is expensive; petrol, bread, biscuits … are very noticeable in the wallet. Biden does not want to reduce wages, but produces domestically by costing a lot of time and it does not provide an immediate response to inflation,” explains Bjorn Sonense. “That’s a little unsatisfactory for many Americans, and it’s shown in the first opinion polls after the speech.”

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