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DiCaprio's bed skills: "didn't last as long as his trailers" |  Famous

DiCaprio’s bed skills: “didn’t last as long as his trailers” | Famous

FamousLeonardo DiCaprio’s (46) skills are questioned in bed after his niece revealed in one of his alleged conquests that he would be bad in bed. “My aunt slept with Leonardo DiCaprio,” the girl claimed in a Tik Tok video earlier this month. “It looks like he’s not really good in bed.”

There’s a new trend on TikTok that invites families of celebrities to tell them in a video everything they know about a celebrity. Dancer Julianne Hough’s niece (32), star, was more than happy to participate and spread rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio will be bad in bed. It is said that Julian Hogg and Leonardo DiCaprio lived a short love story – perhaps even one night – during the Coachella Festival in 2013. “They flirted,” one insider told Star magazine at the time. “They couldn’t keep their hands away from each other. Once he whispered something in her ear and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. They were so involved with each other that they ignored everyone else around them.”

Julian’s niece insisted in her video that she “wasn’t lying” and added, “You can search for her.” In fact, with a little research on the internet, it turns out that the young lady is related to Julian and Derek. It turns out that her mother is the older sister of the famous dancer Shari Hogg Salman. The video has since been removed.

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While what she says has not been verified, it appears that another woman who shared a bed with the “Titanic” star shared the same feelings. Leo’s ex-sweetheart Bobby Brown once said that he has very little stamina. Describing a particular night she spent with him, she said, “He said, ‘Wait a minute! Don’t move, Bobby. We need to slow down. But it was too late. Leo couldn’t last even as long as one of his movie clips.’

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