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Jennifer Aniston was so touched by meeting the "friends": "It looked like we were still there yesterday" |  Showbiz

Jennifer Aniston was so touched by meeting the “friends”: “It looked like we were still there yesterday” | Showbiz

TVIt’s not just the fans talking about meeting “friends” that can be seen tonight StreamzAnd one of the fans is still upset. Jennifer Aniston, 52, said in an interview with American journalist Gail King that being with her colleagues was very emotional.

“Of course we talked about it earlier and maybe we romanticized it a little bit, but finally to go back to the studio where it all happened … Yeah, that was very special. It looked like we were still standing there yesterday and continuing on the next day. There since the last show and when we last filmed there we didn’t want to leave at all, our time together has been so special, ‚ÄĚJennifer said.

Aniston, who played Rachel Green, also said that she and the other actors at the time had no idea what was in store for them. “We just thought: let’s go back to the group, talk and then finish. But everyone is overcome with emotions, because you have so many memories with each piece. It was a rollercoaster of feelings and memories, so it’s great to experience that together after all these years.”

The right moment

However, it was a good time for the New Yorkers to put an end to their time together. “Now is the time to say goodbye, it’s good. It’s great to see that a lot of people have been affected by Reunion, because it shows that we’ve created something that’s still relevant after 27 years. The fact that millions of people have listed us as their friends in their lives is the best compliment.” You can have it. “

The special “Friends” show is available from Tuesday 1 June Streamz And once at Play 4, Tuesday evening 8:35 pm.

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