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Dictoc updates US privacy policy to collect ‘face and voice fingerprints’

Dictoc updated Its privacy policy in the United States Inform users that in the future the application may collect new types of biometric information, including “facial and voice prints”. But when he reached it CommonDictocol could not explain what kind of data these terms refer to, or why the application must first access this information.

Company Privacy Policy Updated June 2, As I have seen Take the crunch. (May be an archived version of the old policy) I read the lease here.) The new policy outlines some of the ways in which dictator is now allowed to analyze users’ content.

The policy states:

We collect information about images and sounds that are part of your user content, such as what objects and scenes appear, facial and physical features and features within an image and location, voice character and text spoken words in your user content. We may collect this information. For special video effects, content moderation, statistical classification, content and advertising suggestions and other unidentified activities. “

As with privacy policies, there is a lot of confusion between the results that users want (such as adding video effects) and the results that they think are the most intrusive (such as advertising targeting and “statistical classification”). We have comprehensive coverage for future updates that can be added to the Digtok platform.

It is even clearer that the new privacy policy, the application can now collect biometric data – that is, it measures physical characteristics, including the “facial and voice prints” mentioned above. The policy states that Dictoc will ask users for approval before collecting this information, but only when required by law. As Take the crunch Notes, not much in the United States because it is a file Some countries Provides this type of legal protection (including Illinois, Texas and California). In fact, Dictoc may think that accepting the Terms of Service is all you need.

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Changes to Dictok’s privacy policy may be in response to a recent national class action lawsuit against the company, including: He agreed to pay 92 million million For those seeking various privacy violations. As we reported on the matter in February, “As part of the settlement, Dictoc agreed to avoid various behaviors that could compromise users’ privacy unless it specifically discloses such behavior in its Privacy Policy.” When asked if these changes were in response to class action, Dictok declined to comment on the record.

Responding to a number of questions about what data the company now collects from users, how it identifies “facial and voice fingerprints”, what data it may collect in the future, and what it might do with that information, the spokesman said: “As part of our current commitment to transparency, we do not disclose any information. We have recently updated our privacy policy to make it clearer about what can be collected. ”

There is more information, yes, but there is still a lot of clarity. For an application that has had difficulty coping with many privacy issues (often worsened) Political paranoia), Seems to work even more.