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Ode to Love and Life on the second album San Hollow

As for San Holo, it’s all about personal connections. Each note is a story and each song is a memory, purpose and hyper-realistic study of the shared experience. This emotional Chan’s album ‘BP Are You Okay?’ Released this week on Pitford / Counter Records. ‘BB are you okay?’ Chan chooses his own path and creates a shortcut from dance to the indie world. He collaborates with the American rock band American Football and the Rivers Cuomo van Weiser.

New album ‘BP Are you okay?’ Coming three years after his famous debut ‘Album 1’, it was the forerunner of post-ETM sound and showed an excellent line between festival anthems and low-fi bedroom ballads. ‘BB Are you okay?’ Chan explores another crossroads by experimenting more with analog instruments and his own voices. The album is a place for the intermediate of love and life and the complexity that surrounds it.

“I tend to see the music I publish as different chapters in my life. When I wrote my last album (album 1), I fell in love. You hear it in music. It improved. Hope. But love is such a complex emotion that it has no fixed form, it is quick, it comes and goes. Sometimes love gets dark, but most importantly, sometimes it ends. For me, when love goes without, there will always be a part left. It’s about learning to progress even when it hurts. “Notes Chan.

“I said, ‘BB are you okay?’ During a new chapter in my life, after that relationship was over. How I learned what happens after ‘love’, ”he continues,“ I flew to LA and started writing and trying to put on paper everything I felt over the last few months. The change of scenery certainly helped, and going to LA (as I did for Album 1) brought back fond memories of the previous episode.

Bringing people together is central to Chan’s music. His “Vibrant Two” philosophy – a concept that encourages people to connect with one concept by evaluating their pulse has created a strong sense of community among his fans (more than 1.5 million followers on the sites).

“Music has changed my life and allowed me to share my personal experiences. There have been times when I have struggled with my mental and physical health, not knowing how long I can do this on a personal and art level. But like everything else in life, I learned that everything is quick and temporary. It’s a bittersweet realization, but it has taught me how important the present is, here and now, ”Chan recalled.

“It really seemed like ‘be vibrant.’ I’m really proud of the community around me, as I do. ”

The album ‘BP Are You Okay?’ It follows the internationally acclaimed Sanders’ previous album ‘Album 1’. It won the Chan International Dance Music Award for Best Breakthrough Artist of the Year and the Edison Pop Award for Best Dance Album in the Netherlands. His 2019 Album 1 world tour spanned 75 shows and sold 100,000 tickets in North America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia, including Paradiso, DeVoli Wrettenberg and the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater in New York, Terminal 5 in New York and Shrewsbury in The Los Angeles. San Porter has unveiled several streaming appearances in 2020, including the Robinson Secret Sky Festival. This summer she will be performing at the North Beach Festival and Life Is Beautiful. More shows will be announced soon.

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San Hollow’s new album ‘BB Are You Okay?’ Available this week.