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Did Clement save his skin in Monaco?  “The fate seemed sealed, but now there is a printing staff.” |  League 1

Did Clement save his skin in Monaco? “The fate seemed sealed, but now there is a printing staff.” | League 1

In the Derby Cote d’Azur against Nice, Philippe Clement scored his fifth straight win with Monaco on Wednesday. The two victories over Rennes and Nice, direct rivals in the battle of European football, were of the utmost importance.

“It was very variable for 15 out of 15,” Jeffray says. “Clement won the first matches against Lyon, Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain, but then lost the matches that followed.”

“Especially the defeat against Strasbourg, in which Monaco was very bad, made the owner Dmitriy Rybolovlev angry. For him the calf drowned. There was an all-out revolution: CEO Oleg Petrov, sporting director Paul Mitchell and Klement will foot the bill.”

“But Clement was able to turn things around with surprising results. In the big win against Paris Saint-Germain, Monaco showed that they can play football and that has been confirmed by winning a series of matches now.”

Monaco now stands in fifth, but with as many points as Rennes. Even Marseille is only 6 points ahead. “Clement still has a chance in European football, and even a ticket to the Champions League,” Jeffrey said.

“If you had said that two months ago, no one would have believed you. The last 5 matches will be very exciting. Marseille is still playing in Europe and they will lose a lot of power there. Clement has only competition.”

“I have really improved since the European elimination against Braga. In the first two months it was a series of matches in the League, Cup and Europa League. Since the elimination, Clement has a full squad, the top players are in good shape and booked. Results.”

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“Even in the period when his fate seemed inevitable, the coach remained very calm, also in press conferences and interviews. He was able to build a team of the kind that exists now.”

But the European ticket will not be taken for granted. “There are still tough duels against Lille and Lens on the last day of play. If Clement wanted to get into the Champions League, he wouldn’t be allowed to stay 30-30 away. He also knows that: he can leave a few points.”