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Did Federer play the last game at Wimbledon?  Nothing is impossible with him |  Wimbledon

Did Federer play the last game at Wimbledon? Nothing is impossible with him | Wimbledon

The quarter-finals became Roger Federer’s last stop at Wimbledon yesterday. Federer hasn’t won a single set against the 15-year-old pole especially the 6-0 set in the final set that sticks to the ribs. What’s next for Federer? “With his palms and at his age, it’s not easy to find another target,” says Dirk Jerlot.

Roger Federer will turn 40 in exactly one month. After his elimination at Wimbledon yesterday, the inevitable questions relay. What will Federer do next? Is he still going to the Olympics and will the Swiss get a sequel?

Dirk Jirlo followed Federer’s press conference after his disqualification and witnessed Federer faithfully. “But at the same time he has given few answers. He may not yet know how to act.”

“He will now undoubtedly consult his bubble. This includes his coaches, but certainly his wife Mirka. We must not forget that Federer is a family man.”

“The past few weeks have certainly not been easy in that area. His family has not been there at both Roland Garros and Wimbledon. If he goes to Tokyo, he will also be without a family.”

“Maybe now he has to ask himself what his future and other goals are. With his honors list and at his age, it is not easy to find another goal.”

Federer is already back

The question is what Federer can still achieve at the age of 40. Still playing finals at his age is very special. “You must go back in time nearly 50 years to Ken Rosewall. Federer was the oldest out of 128 tennis players on record this year,” says Jirlo.

“Don’t forget that he came back already in 2016. Then he lost the semi-finals at Wimbledon to Raonic. After that, he doesn’t play anymore because of knee problems.”

“He was already 35 by then, yet 2017 was an exceptional year for him. He won the Australian Open, Indian Wells, Miami, Halle and Wimbledon, among others. Those were two big trophies that year. .”

In 2019, we saw that the younger generation is often a problem for Federer

Dirk Gerloo

“In 2019, we saw that the younger generation is often a problem for Federer. This was followed by defeats against Tsitsipas, Zverev, Dimitrov, Rublev and Tim. Last year he played only 6 matches.”

“This year he’s been in 13 games. The older you get, the harder it is to find your rhythm and regularity.”

“Now it’s really for the love of sports”

Tennis billionaire Federer no longer has to do it for the money. “Now it’s really for the love of sports,” says Jirlot. “Perhaps he knows better than anyone else that winning the big tournaments is more difficult, perhaps impossible,” says Gerlo.

“Everywhere there will be someone a little faster and better than him. Another possible goal is to play because you like him so much.”

“I’m thinking of Murray with hip surgery. He also has an impressive record, but now he also knows that he won’t win major tournaments anymore. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be allowed to play tennis anymore.”

“That’s the decision Federer will have to make. Do I still do it for the love of sport or am I trying to settle everything again. Nothing is impossible with him.”

Chances are less than in his first comeback

Dirk Gerloo

“If he can train unhindered for a while, regularity and spontaneity can come back. Who knows what’s possible next? But the chances are less than his first comeback.”

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