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The final ticket was praised by the English press: "One match of glory!"  |  European Football Championship 2020

The final ticket was praised by the English press: “One match of glory!” | European Football Championship 2020

Now that England have managed to prepare for the European Championship final at Wembley, the English press is also over the moon. From The Guardian to The Telegraph, they praise the national team across the channel.

The Guardian: ‘Control apparently doesn’t have to be boring’

“Southgate thinks it’s very important to maintain control. But there are two ways to control the match. The first way is to attack, as England did between the start of the second half and the end of the first overtime.”

“A second method was introduced in the second overtime, by allowing the Danes to run behind an elusive ball. It seems that control does not have to be boring.”

Daily Mail: ‘One game away from absolute glory’

“England is in euphoria after Kane’s penalty, which took our country to the final for the first time since 1966. Let Italy come now!”

“After a stunning victory over Denmark, England are now one match away from the ultimate football glory.”

The Independent: ‘Sunday is the most important day in 55 years’

“After the toughest and most exciting European Championship match, England have finally qualified for the final in a major tournament. Now Sunday is the most important day in 55 years for our country.”

The Times: “55 years of pain finally coming to an end?”

“Final! Will 55 years of pain really end? England have finally come of age. Despite a very light penalty kick, the win was well deserved. England were simply the better team.”

The Telegraph: ‘Southgate has bitten off its feet’

Finally, The Telegraph did not forget to honor national coach Gareth Southgate. “One of the most emotional victories ever will be his too.”

“After 25 years of missing Euro 96 with a penalty in the semi-finals, he got his compensation. How he deserves it. How should we cherish him.”

This is how the English commentators tested the goals:

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