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Dijklander Hospital focuses on healthy food and vegetarian meals

Dijklander Hospital focuses on healthy food and vegetarian meals

Century – Last Tuesday, nine hospitals, including Dejlander Hospital, signed a declaration of intent to offer only healthy food by 2022. In December, 11 hospitals signed up to participate. Thus, these hospitals are taking the lead in the National Prevention Agreement, which aims to ensure that half of all hospitals have a healthy diet by 2025 and all hospitals by 2030.

Dijklander Hospital is one of the pioneer hospitals in Good Care Proef je, a project of Alliance Nutrition in Care. This means that the hospital is committed to providing completely healthy food to patients, visitors and staff in 2022. “We believe that hospitals have an exemplary role in the community in serving healthy food. The healthy food range contributes to the recovery of patients, a healthy working environment for staff and a healthy choice of visitors, according to the Declaration of Intent that was made Signing it jointly with Ymke Fokma, Director of the Dijklander Hospital.

Great selection of healthy foods الأطعمة There are various initiatives already underway at Declander Hospital to provide healthy food. This declaration of intent will speed things up even more. Project Leader Horeca & Services Christel Kerssens: “One requirement is that the vision of providing healthy food to patients, staff and visitors is reflected in the policy. We are already working hard on it.

At least 80% of what is on display, whether in the staff restaurant or in the food of patients, must be healthy. Concretely, this means that you can serve a croquette once, but not every day as standard. The patient’s diet was vegetarian three out of seven days. Reducing sugary products is also part of this. and installation of water points. The point is that you can make healthy choices within our hospital.

Less medicine, faster recovery
The importance of healthy eating has been proven by many studies. It not only has a preventive effect, but can also contribute to the patient’s recovery, for example after an operation. Where medical care has traditionally consisted of surgery, medication, good bedside care, food, drink, and exercise have been added. Dr. Azim Karmbig specializes in gastroenterology and hepatology. He also sees nutrition as having a big impact: “I regularly treat patients with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or irritable bowel syndrome who require less medication thanks to a healthy diet and a more active lifestyle.

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