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Een klem op je tanden om af te vallen: uitvinding universiteit krijgt veel kritiek

Clip on your teeth for weight loss: a college invention…

Photo: Twitter Otago University

The University of Otago in New Zealand is receiving a lot of criticism for its latest invention: Dentalslim. This device, although much like a torture device, clamps the teeth together so that the wearer cannot open their mouth more than two centimeters. According to the university, it is the best way to contain the “global obesity epidemic.”

The remarkable invention, which makes wearers dependent on a liquid diet, has been refined over the past five years at the University of New Zealand. The product has been tested by many people who have had to wear Dentalslim for 2 weeks. On average, they lost about six kilograms. According to lead researcher Paul Brunton, the subjects were also motivated to continue losing weight after the test.

But on social media, not everyone is equally happy with the invention, there is even talk of a torture device. The university was forced to respond on Twitter and stress that it is not a way to lose weight in the long term or follow a strict diet. “It is mainly intended for people who first need to lose weight before having surgery. The invention taught them a new habit, so that they can go on a low-calorie diet for a period of time, about two to three weeks.”

The university also stresses that this is not a tool of torture. “Users can turn off Dentalslim at any time through the safety function. They can also breathe and talk as before.”

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