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Eetkamerstoel: gebruiksvoorwerp of design object?

Dining room chair: vase or design object?

Is the dining room chair just a utensil? In a contemporary home it is often much more than that. It belongs to the whole design of the living space. When you receive guests, they should not be able to sit comfortably. It should also be an invitation to sit down. It should fit into the whole, so that the overall picture also radiates a certain calm. There are several criteria that must be observed to suit everyone. It could be about the dimensions, the materials used, or the shape.


Dining room chairs come in many different shapes. For example, there are classic chairs versus bucket seats. A bucket seat is a chair whose seat resembles a bathtub. It is shaped to the natural shape of the spine and is very comfortable. It looks modern and therefore fits best in a modern interior.

Other shapes of chairs can also be varied. The undercarriage can differ a lot in particular. For example, most chairs have only 4 legs. But there are also chairs with cantilever legs, for example.

if you like dining room chairs Easy to move, you can even choose chairs with wheels. This is certainly not an unnecessary luxury with heavy chairs.

Dining room chair: vase or design object?


There is of course also a variety of materials for chairs. Both in the frame and the end of the seat. The base is usually made of wood or metal to provide the necessary durability. The choice is more spacious for the seat and backrest.

To start with the latest, the plastic chair mainly looks stylish and modern. It is also easy to clean and available in a wide range of colours. There is a color for every modern interior.
Velvet or velor dining room chairs are trendy again these days and have a luxurious look.
Leather or synthetic leather has a durable appearance and is generally easy to maintain. Genuine leather in particular has a natural look.
Fabric dining room chairs are usually nice and soft to sit on and are available in different colors and patterns. However, a fabric seat is more sensitive to stains, especially if you choose a light color.
Finally, there are still wooden chairs. These give a more vintage feel. It is also the most durable and easy to maintain.

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Of course it is also important to choose the right size of the chair. Chairs that are too big (or too many) in a small space can seem oppressive. Therefore, it is better to ensure that there is enough space around the table with chairs. If you like big seats, but space is somewhat limited, go for fewer seats. If you want to invite several friends at the same time, it is better to choose narrow chairs. It’s often nicer to be able to sit close to each other.

If you choose chairs with armrests, keep in mind that they take up more space than chairs without armrests. On the other hand, it is much more comfortable to spend more time in a chair with a backrest than without it.

Tip: you can first draw everything on the outline of the room where the table and chairs should be. Don’t forget the table, chairs and possibly other accessories, such as a side table or floor lamp. Another option is to cut out the dimensions of furniture from cardboard and place it in the room itself. This way you can see if there is enough room left to roam smoothly when the seats are occupied.

Dining room chair: vase or design object?

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