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Disaster is looking for a replacement for Steve Biff (Antwerp)

Disaster is looking for a replacement for Steve Biff (Antwerp)

Will it be the new addition to the Catastroff Collection in Antwerp? Just maybe. After Stef bef leaves, Zjuul Krapuul and Jos Smos continue on, but are looking for reinforcements. Preferably from a man because With the wife nothing is the same as the past I don’t hear a woman sing that fast yet,” says Joss Smos.

Rebecca Van Remortieri

Jos Smos and Zjuul Krapuul, the original Katastroof members, continue the group. At the moment as a duo, but in the meantime a new singer and musician is in search of. The two are looking for someone who can clap and sing at the Aentwaerps. Guitar and bass are also essential and any other instrument is an added value.

Anyone who feels called to confront a crowd of hysterical and drunk fans can submit their candidacy on the catastroof website, or by sending an email directly to: [email protected]”, the call stated. The new addition preferably be A man.” Because with De Wijven Niks As Last I don’t hear a woman sing so fast. But everything is possible. Obviously, he could also be a man for the new K3,” says Jos Smos.

back problems

“We also did Katastroof without Stef Bef twenty years ago, so he should be working now. We have to wait and see how it goes, because Zagoul’s health is not good either. Noon, I was alone on stage with Steve Biff, and it worked, too.”

The group’s first planned show will take place in Beveren at the beginning of July. “If we haven’t found anyone yet, we’ll do it with two. We simply pick a selection of golden old songs that everyone can sing along to. I also get the impression that people always care more about the songs than who performs them. There are also plenty of liquors in Katastroof shows. I’m still anyway alive and kicking And I certainly don’t feel like stopping anytime soon. Disaster is my life.”

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Twenty years later, singer and musician Steve Biff recently left Katastroof. The ball started rolling when Steve and Zjoul disagreed online about, among other things, fugitive soldier Jürgen Konings and vaccinations. In the end they parted from the friendship.

The disaster will be 45 years old next year.