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Matthew McConaughey rejected the role of a movie worth 12 million euros: “I just don’t want to play without a shirt” |  Famous

Matthew McConaughey rejected the role of a movie worth 12 million euros: “I just don’t want to play without a shirt” | Famous

FamousAlthough roles in the romantic comedy provided Matthew McConaughey (51) with a large bank account, at one point the actor had enough. He admitted this in an interview with American singer Tim McGraw on a radio show on Apple Music Country.

“Listen, I live in Malibu and surf shirtless every day. It makes sense they’d come to me for rom-com. And I’m pretty honest about it, without those roles I would have never been able to rent beach houses and live the life I live. I’m not ashamed of That at all. But at some point I noticed it was kind of working on autopilot when I was asked for another role like that. Then I thought: Well, I can start tomorrow if necessary. And that started to annoy me, because I just like to be nervous about something What I’m wondering how I’m going to do is Matthew said, “I want to take on a challenge and that’s not the case anymore with those romantic roles.”

Matthew McConaughey swims in Miami. © WireImage

deeper and more serious

The 51-year-old Texan starred with Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner (2001) and Kate Hudson in How To Love A Guy In 10 Days (2003), before doing a number of romantic comedies. In the end, it led to the actor not wanting to do the genre anymore, but the more he said “no” hard, the more money the movie studios offered him. For example, they started with 6.5 million euros, and then increased the amount to 8 and 10 million euros. Then I said again that I did not want to do the project and was offered 12 million. I wouldn’t say which project is involved in this case, but I stuck to my position and declined the offer. Then they realized I didn’t want to do that anymore.”

Over the next fifteen months, no show was made, and Matthew even thought of doing something completely different. “Yes, I seriously considered becoming a high school football coach because I thought it would be fun. But it wasn’t necessary, because I found myself spiritual and chose to go down a different path in acting. Suddenly I was offered other, deeper, more serious roles. The fact that I I went under the radar for two years which is finally the best thing that ever happened to me.”

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