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Disbelief of an NRC journalist who investigated the Overmars: "What does that say about Antwerp's values?"  † Jupiler Pro League

Disbelief of an NRC journalist who investigated the Overmars: “What does that say about Antwerp’s values?” † Jupiler Pro League

“I was very surprised, especially because it is so fast,” Fabian van der Poel says without words.

The Dutch journalist highlighted the Big Man scandal at Ajax in February. He hoped this would change the top of the team from Amsterdam. “The news was a huge blow to the international football world.”

“So I did not expect both Overmars and the management of Antwerp FC to look at this so quickly,” Van der Poel admits.

The journalist from the NRC followed the press conference in Antwerp with suspicion. General Manager Sven Jacques’ statement raised eyebrows in particular.

“It might sound like harmless quotes, but that sentence about conforming to standards and values…”

“Sometimes you can say that a phrase has been misinterpreted, but I don’t know how to properly interpret that statement as a woman. Especially women who work in Antwerp, sit in the stands or just love football.”

How does this behavior fit into norms and values, van der Poel asks. What does that say about the club?

Marc Overmars has secured a new job in football more than a month after he was sacked by Ajax. Is his behavior not taken seriously in the world of football? “It certainly looks like that,” says van der Poel.

“They are sending a signal to the other sectors here that football is above them.”

This was not lost sight of the women who witnessed. “I’ve had many reactions from the women I’ve spoken to. They think it’s laughable, not normal…”

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