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Discovery may lead to a 'natural' treatment for cancer

Discovery may lead to a ‘natural’ treatment for cancer

These natural chemical properties likely evolved to help the organism fight bacteria.

Separating healthy cells from unhealthy ones

The researchers call the enzymes “cofactorless oxygenases,” indicating their ability to extract oxygen from the air and incorporate it into new compounds.

In cancer cells, this means that the two enzymes can effectively inhibit the growth and spread of diseased cells.

What makes this discovery remarkable is that the enzymes target cancer cells and leave healthy cells alone.

Natural enzymes can block a specific signaling pathway that is critical for cancer cell survival and growth, reducing side effects often associated with conventional cancer treatments.

The researchers behind the study They are now working on strengthening the two enzymes and determining whether they can be given to animals safely.

“The two enzymes described in this study are very unusual. They provide a potential alternative to conventional treatments, offering patients a more targeted and less toxic solution,” said Chun Gui, a postdoctoral fellow in chemistry at the University of Florida and lead author of the study.

However, researchers stress that more research and clinical trials are needed before this natural treatment is available.

The road to approval and cure for cancer is often long and arduous, as safety must be repeatedly tested.

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