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Dutch folk singer hit "Ik Ga Swimming": the most shared song on Spotify worldwide |  showbiz

Dutch folk singer hit “Ik Ga Swimming”: the most shared song on Spotify worldwide | showbiz

MusicThe success of the summer song “I’m Going Swimming” For Dutch singer Mart Hoogkammer (23 years old) knows no boundaries. Last weekend, the song ended up at number one in the Dutch Spotify Top 200, but it clearly doesn’t stop there. The song has been shared a lot in Holland and Belgium, and now it is also at #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral Top 50.

Chances are you haven’t heard “I’m Going Swimming” by Mart Hoogkamer in recent days. The Dutch singer is currently recording the Best Summer Song of 2021. He was the first singer in the popular genre to reach the top spot on Spotify Top 200, the most streamed song list in the Netherlands. In addition to that, it also tracks which number is shared the most. On that list, too, “I’m going swimming” has been number one for some time with our northern neighbors.

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It is also very popular in our country. Here it is actually number one in the viral top 50. And because the song is being shared so much in both Belgium and the Netherlands, a global conquest is now underway. In the Global Viral Top 50, “I’m going swimming” took first place since yesterday. The song has already been listened to over 3.5 million times on Spotify.

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Bacardi lemon

Contagious Summer Record is a little trip for Hoogkamer, who is actually basically rendition of the songs of life. But in this song, the 23-year-old from Leiden raps quite a bit. The song was created two years ago during a writing camp with Lange Frans, among others. It was a very hot period, so at one point people cried that they felt like they were going for a swim. To which the popular singer immediately replied: “Yes in Bacardi Lemon.” A big hit, as it turns out.

This isn’t the first time this 23-year-old has gone viral from Leiden. A year ago, the Dutchman was already in the spotlight. Then a video of a young man with a golden throat was shared on a Spanish beach. This is Hoogkamer, who usually sings only in Dutch, with his “Unchained Melody”. The photos have since been viewed more than 61 million times on Facebook and have earned him fans all over the world.