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Diva through and through: Mariah Carey hasn't had a driver's license for years |  celebrities

Diva through and through: Mariah Carey hasn’t had a driver’s license for years | celebrities

celebritiesWhy get behind the wheel when you can hire a driver? Mariah Carey (54 years old) has not had a driver’s license for a long time. During an episode of the “Jennifer Hudson Show,” the self-proclaimed diva revealed that she hasn’t driven a car in years.

“I had a driver’s license, but I let it expire,” Curry said. The 54-year-old explained that she drove in her hometown, but did not want to drive when she moved to New York. Years later, she thought about it again, but then it turned out that her driver’s license had long expired. “So now I have to take my driving test again.”

The singer announced that she plans to get her driver’s license again, although her statement sparked a lot of ridicule online. “I can’t believe it! Mariah is a singer, and she will never get behind the wheel again as long as she has a driver available. Or: ‘Can you imagine being a driving tester, and Mariah Carey suddenly gets into the car next to you?’

The “All I Want For Christmas” singer is currently on a Christmas tour across the United States. In recent weeks, traditionally Christmas songs have returned to the charts, including Carey’s world-famous hit.

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