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Fans are unhappy about Bob Saget's absence from the Oscars

Fans are unhappy about Bob Saget’s absence from the Oscars

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Every year, the “memorial” portion of the Oscars sparks debate among fans. But this year there was a lot of criticism because Bob Saget, himself an Academy Award winner, was nowhere to be seen in the honors.

He. She Incident between comedian Chris Rock and actor Will Smith It is without a doubt the most talked about moment at the 94th Academy Awards. But the “On Remembrance” section has also traditionally been a topic of discussion. Every year, fans of the Academy point out that important people have been forgotten. This year, the absence of actor Bob Saget has been the main reason for the criticism. Saget died in January at the age of 65 in his hotel room from a head injury. But he did not mention during the emotional part of the evening. Amazing, because even though the actor is best known for the role of Danny Tanner on the sitcom Full houseSaget is the same Academy Award winner.

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In 1977 he won an Academy Award (for students) for his black and white documentary Through Adam’s eyes. One fan wrote on Twitter: “Riots started because Bob Saget wasn’t in the Oscars memorial section.” Another added, “No, but seriously. Why wasn’t Bob Saget at the memorial?”

But also the names of Ed Asner, known from Show pictures of rocky horror, Robert Downey Sr., father of Robert Downey Jr. It is known from the movie cult Putney Subiaomitted during tribute.

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