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DJ Like Mike's friend talks for the first time about...

DJ Like Mike’s friend talks for the first time about…

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike (left) perform. © Getty Images via AFP

Through an emotional Instagram post, Gemma Rosereyn, girlfriend of Belgian DJ Like Mike, spoke for the first time about the loss of their daughter. The girl, who was given the name Winter Rose, was stillborn a few weeks ago.

Rosrin, a Brazilian model, posted a poem and a photo of her daughter’s hand on Instagram. “Winter Rose, our daughter’s name,” she writes. “She was named after a song that Mike wrote when I was pregnant. When she played that song near my stomach, I felt her kick for the first time. I kept playing the song to her every day and she would kick and move every time she heard it. She probably knew her dad’s voice was singing to her.”

“She was beautiful,” Rosrin continues. “Seeing Mike and me together in such a little person was incredible. But I couldn’t take my baby home. We lost our little angel at 25 weeks (Birth scheduled for August, ed.).. No words can describe our pain. Nothing could make this better. All I can do is hope this one day makes sense or stops hurting so much. I had to say goodbye to my first baby before I could even say hello to her. Every time I look at my belly or rub it with my hands, waiting for it to kick in, it reminds me that I’m no longer pregnant.”

Rosrin said it took her a while to write about the loss. “It’s so painful. I know a lot of people who’ve been through the same thing but don’t talk about it. I want to tell you that you’re not alone. Sometimes life is so cruel. I feel like what I wanted most in the world, everything I dreamed about my whole life, has been taken away from me.” In a split second. Rest in peace, my sweet baby and a winter rose. Mom and Dad will love you forever.”

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