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Djokovic is not alone: ​​Czech tennis star Vorakova is also in Australian ‘prison’ |  Australian Open

Djokovic is not alone: ​​Czech tennis star Vorakova is also in Australian ‘prison’ | Australian Open

Australian OpenNovak Djokovic wasn’t alone in trouble in Australia. Fellow tennis player Renata Vorakova saw her visa suddenly denied after she had been in Australia for a week and is now in the same quarantine hotel as the Serbian. “It feels a bit like a prison,” the Czech confirms the words of the No. 1 man among men.

“I’m in a room with nowhere to go,” said the 38-year-old Vorakova. “I can only open my window a few centimeters away. There are guards everywhere, including under my window, which is kind of weird. They probably thought I was going to jump and run.” She also described her hotel as “sort of an upgraded dormitory”. “They bring me food and there’s a guard in the hall. Everything is rationed. I feel like I’m in a little prison.”

Voracova already traveled to Australia last month and also participated in a preparatory tournament. On Thursday she received news from customs that her visa was invalid. “It was like an action movie, and it wasn’t fun at all,” Czech says. “I don’t understand why they come to me after a week and say: The rules that were in force before are no longer in effect.”


No participation in the Australian Open

The Czech Foreign Ministry said it had protested the arrest, but the tennis star has since agreed to leave the country and not take part in the Australian Open, which begins Monday, January 17, because her training options are limited. “I’m waiting for permission to leave, maybe on Saturday,” Vurakova said. The Czech was granted an exemption because she had recently recovered from COVID-19, before her visa was revoked on Thursday.

Djokovic, who opposes mandatory vaccination, arrived in the country with a medical exemption from Australia’s strict regulations. But his visa was also revoked. The Serb can be deported and is currently awaiting a judge’s ruling on his residence in Australia. A verdict is expected on Monday.

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