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“Do not click on the link”

If you receive an SMS from the parcel courier, do not click on the link. Thomas Joyer

A new phenomenon of Internet crime has emerged called “Flubot”. We also receive reports. That is why we want to warn people, “says Marco Luigis of the Steinweckerland police, who broke into cell phones.

If you receive an SMS from a parcel delivery agent, do not click on the link to download an app. This is spyware that is used to hack phone and banking information. “Malware is spreading rapidly across Europe. In practice, reports from DHL, UPS, and PostNL always have a high chance of success.” Because everyone expects a package these days so I think it’s good. This is why they are gratefully abused. “

Take steps

Of course, there are tips for people who clicked on a link and installed a fake app. Notify the bank and do not log into an account or enter passwords. In addition, it would be wise for the victim to take a number of steps. Reset the phone to factory settings. If you do, you can select the option to restore from a backup. If a backup was made after downloading the malware, it should be rejected. “

If phone owners don’t follow the first step, there is another solution. Then change the passwords for the accounts that you used after downloading the fake app. Make sure you differ with the passwords. And change the passwords that match the ones used after the malware gets onto your smartphone. “

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