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Check out the hier live de State of Play with Horizon Forbidden West!

Check out the hier live de State of Play with Horizon Forbidden West!

Sony again comes with a new game mode in which we can expect visuals from Horizon Forbidden West. In all likelihood, we’ll see the gameplay from the new game from Guerilla Games and hopefully we’ll also get a release date for the highly anticipated game. If we can believe all the rumors, the game might be released for the PS5 in October, and maybe we’ll get more clarity on that in the case of Sony’s new gameplay tonight.

Starting at 10:45 p.m., Luuc, Roland and Bram will be ready directly on Twitch to watch the state of the game together, as we’ll see Horizon Forbidden West. So join us and talk to us about all your expectations for the game. It undoubtedly promises to be a sight to behold when we look at the number of people looking forward to this new PS5 exclusive.

Horizon West is forbidden if playing

Earlier this week, it was already announced that we would see Horizon Forbidden West in the new gameplay state. Expectations were immediately high regarding what we might see from the new game for the PS5. We’ll see if our wildest dreams come true tonight, so we’ll really enjoy them if you all join us to talk about the game firsthand!

Sony’s special pre-show will start live on YouTube from 6 pm. Below you can actually check out the offer via YouTube!