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Do you lie about your previous salary to get a higher salary?  This is what the experts say |  MyGuide

Do you lie about your previous salary to get a higher salary? This is what the experts say | MyGuide

answersIf you have a new job in mind, sooner or later the topic of “pay” will come up. In order to determine your new salary or to be able to make a good offer, sometimes the employer will dare to ask what you earn at your current job. Do you find this question embarrassing and don’t know what to do with it? Is your current salary low and you don’t want to miss out on a good promotion with a very honest answer? It sends the command to the HR service provider SD Workx.


“There is no express prohibition on a new employer inquiring about how much they earn from an applicant, or requesting a salary extract,” says Gert Vermeer, legal expert at SD Worx. “On the other hand, there is no obligation for the applicant to answer this question, or actually show a pay slip. The National Labor Council Collective Labor Agreement obligates you as an applicant to cooperate in the selection procedure and provide the necessary information about your professional and educational history. But this is a general obligation, and your current salary Not, strictly speaking, appropriate.”

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“In principle, your new employer cannot verify your current salary,” adds Gert Vermeer. “But of course, failure to respond will sometimes be a hindrance for the new employer to hire the applicant.” Do you think it is smarter to lie about your salary than to be silent? To be sure, the expectation of a wage increase is not without risk. If you give your ex-boss a reference, he can, for example, tell your new employer your actual salary if the latter requests. Additionally, most recruiters are well aware of prevailing pay schedules, or may have been informed through their network of the specific pay policy of their current employer. You quickly make yourself suspicious if you pretend to earn too much. Compare your salary with others here.

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“We know from experience that some people dare lie about their wages,” says Virginie Verchoris, a rewards expert at SD Worx. However, the HR service provider does not have numbers or statistics on this topic. But experts still recommend starting a new turn in your career with a clean slate. “If a lie comes out, it will erode your credibility and trust with your employer and could have an impact on your future career. Integrity remains a value that is valued and contributes to personal success,” according to Virginie Verchores.

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“We also advise employers and employees to take a broader view than just net salary,” the bonus expert adds. “A total salary package, including both financial and non-financial components, can be a step forward that varies from person to person. Flexibility is therefore important. Employers who implement work at home, pay attention to a good work-life balance, or facilitate training, Or, for example, they offer a “flexible income plan” in which employees build up a portion of their pay themselves based on their personal needs, which is very valuable to them. In other words: always view and compare the overall picture and not just the total monthly or net salary Salary “.

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